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5 things to do this Election Day

1.Image Obviously go to your polling station, bear the heat, kill time by eating biscuits, use your wisdom and VOTE!

2. Listen to Dila Teer Bija. Boss Zaroori Hae. Not as a support to PPP but just because the groove is cool. I mean it has a genre of its own – LYARI DISCO, you can’t beat that. In the end, it is just a cupid song.

3. Do some bhangra on some Pashto song. Don’t try those northern moves until and unless you can ace them. Those guys have elegance par excellence.

4. Watch TV, pray, tear some pillows and then do some jashn for the sake of democracy, no matter who wins, no sighs please. Only hope!

5. Say I am Pakistan, instead of I am Khan. Whether he wins or not, though we wish he better does, you have still fulfilled your duty to your nation by casting your vote. Keep contributing all you can for your nation. Many of you just have come out of oblivion, consider it your second chance to live.

6. Wear a Pakistani Flag instead of your party flag. Show solidarity.

Why 6 things to-do and not 5? Because every vote matters. More the merrier, though sans rigging 😀

Enjoy the experience, especially the first timers.



a coffee addict/ optimist sun flower/ can't-live-without-50mm photographer/ writing enthusiast/ [an almost inexistent] paper cookie smasher/ orange things collector/ wishes he had two antennas on the head; ps: philosophy-pistachio & educational technologist. to sound little proper: A self-taught, internationally published, photographer who loves to write/blog and read while breathing philosophy in between. Graduate of M.Ed. in Teacher Education with High Honors from Aga Khan University and currently works at the same university as Education Designer for Blended Learning. Candidate for Social Innovation in Digital Context (SIDC) at Lunds Universitet funded by Swedish Institute. Action Partner for Oxfam International Youth Partnership 2010-2013 led by Oxfam Australia. To cut the conversation short, an optimistic realist who believe in designing his life to fulfill dreams while sipping countless cups of coffee! I hope this makes some sense.

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