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Why complicate the expression!

To all those who consider Freedom of Expression as an unconditional/unquestionable license, I will say it is a right as per the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and every right comes with a responsibility. If you know something can offend a non-offender, you better refrain from it. If you think it will offend an offender (you can UDHR and cosmopolitan ethics as a yardstick), then you better don’t care and express it because sometimes all we need is a disruptive innovation. We also need to understand that one idea can be expressed it multiple forms. From persuasive to provocative and worst to inciting hatred. The idea loses merit when the way it is expressed/narrative does not support the idea in theory and practice. Talking about hatred or violence through inciting hate or ridicule might get an instant response (and sometimes backlash – a.k.a. publicity) but not attitudinal change because the expression does not support the idea. Always ask why (intention) and you will figure out a good answer to how, if  ‘why’ was headed in an ethical direction! Freedom does not mean escape! #twocents Image Source:



a coffee addict/ optimist sun flower/ can't-live-without-50mm photographer/ writing enthusiast/ [an almost inexistent] paper cookie smasher/ orange things collector/ wishes he had two antennas on the head; ps: philosophy-pistachio & educational technologist. to sound little proper: A self-taught, internationally published, photographer who loves to write/blog and read while breathing philosophy in between. Graduate of M.Ed. in Teacher Education with High Honors from Aga Khan University and currently works at the same university as Education Designer for Blended Learning. Candidate for Social Innovation in Digital Context (SIDC) at Lunds Universitet funded by Swedish Institute. Action Partner for Oxfam International Youth Partnership 2010-2013 led by Oxfam Australia. To cut the conversation short, an optimistic realist who believe in designing his life to fulfill dreams while sipping countless cups of coffee! I hope this makes some sense.

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