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Golden Orange Dots
by Raheel Tajuddin Lakhani

Oh Gilgit city
I will miss the nights
the sky full of stars
mountains not so far
seizing new heights
stop over, take off!

I’ve departed, true
melancolies du voyage
grounded, in my carriage
I’ve my eyes on you
at base, streams of electrons
energy, movement, connections

I can hear them speak
once you were part of our clique
wings brought new directions
I see a sea of golden dots
a synthetic galaxy
regulated by Divine

a small atom sipping wine
chalice of cosmos, his majesty
Over the cloud nine
I can see the moon shining
beneath me, shine a million stars
I lay amid, with healed scars

that evening I found new meaning
What is life but escaping the death
own a lively moment and its death
at base, streams of electrons again
I can hear them speak
Didn’t this flight take away your breath

We have landed safely. Keep your seatbelt fastened until the aircraft has come to a complete standstill. If you feel like strutting a pose before we leave the runway, we don’t mind 😉

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Fana – Annihilation

* for the lover of philosophy and the rebels

The meeting
Platonic Ideal world, what a sight
I asked the sage Aristotle,
What is life?
Movement, he said.
In his company, sat Descartes
I wondered, was he contemplating
I think, therefore I am?
I not cared to disturb.
Is it because I be with myself,
therefore, I am lonely?
Sorry my lord but…
it is the lack of movement
when thee doth not move into an-other
tis feelings, thoughts and soul not resonate
how to look inward without a mirror
thy reflection is with out.
tis the lack of movement invites death
melancholy – a vicious web;
Aristotle called Him unmoved mover-
the one without movement, so to speak,
and Nietzsche revered: God is dead.

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Obituary of a cell phone.

Wednesday Night my cell passed away, the eve of April’s fool. It was a very lucky fellow. It flew overseas, got lost in a taxi but thanks to a driver who came back to reunite us; so unlike to happen in Pakistan. It survived the dunes of UOK and escaped from the tangled webs of a bandit. It fell every time to raise again; scars on the body but its core never shattered.

Friends wishes have been taken away from me. Memories still are sketched on my mind but the words of it have disappeared. It’s LCD gave you a warmth while you read all those messages to recollect the memories; especially those related to group study or events. I will also miss lame yet equally amusing faraz SMSes. Moreover I will miss the cell which could be taken anywhere because it wasn’t pricey but durable, isn’t created anymore; would had nearly depreciated completely.

The irony is that it wasn’t snatched. I forgot it  somewhere and investigations confirm that it is not in our reach anymore. To make the matter worst, its battery was dead. May the cell RIP!

Resurrection of SIM is expected soon.

PS: Philosophy does that to you 😦

PSS: Duplicate SIM in my hands now. @ 3.32 PM